World Of Warcraft

world of warcraft

World of Warcraft is popularly regarded as the top notch game of the entire MMORPG category. The game provides to players the ultimate experience from starting to the final with well configured responsive combat, quest lines, end game raiding, extremely huge game world to check out, and many more.

Originally, the game was launched in 2004, but from its debut, the World Of Warcraft has relished a number of expansion packs, and every one of them came with a lot of new stuff to the game and persistently increased the level cap. If you are in search of great MMORPG experience, you should give World of Warcraft a huge chance.

Amazingly, the game even comes with an unlimited free trial with a 20 level cap.

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Great Features Include:

– A very huge game world with a good number of well-written quests.
– Awesome categories of classes and races – 11 playable classes and 13 races.
– Stable crafting system with a lively player economy.
– A game that is supremely polished with solid production value – art, interface, great music, lore, and much more.
– Various PvP options (Arenas, Battlegrounds, Duels and World PvP)
– A good number of collectible titles, mounts, achievements, and much more.

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